Cube World is the first game I made for the 1GAM (One Game A Month) challenge I set myself for 2019.

It is a conflict-free economy builder / puzzle game, based on a tiny planet that rotates like a 2X2X2 Rubik's cube.

I didn't quite get time to finish this game, especially anything that helps to communicate what the build buttons do, so here's a quick intro to the game.

These are your resources. You only have two to worry about, wood and stone, and both are simply resources you spend to Build Projects.

This is a rotate button, click it to rotate the indicated face of your cube planet.

This is the Harvest button. It will remove all resources on the top face of the cube, and add the associated wood or stone to your resources. The amount you get starts at one per tile, but will go up as you build more projects.

This is the build button. Use this to open and close the build interface.

This is an example of a Build Project. It costs 45 wood (W) and 21 stone (S). This particular one means you win the game once you build it, although the game will not tell you this. You will however know in your heart that you did it, congratulations!

All other build projects will increase your harvested amount from each tile, based on the table below. As you can see, the rewarded amount per tile increases pretty drastically as you build more projects!

If you harvest your planet completely and cannot build the WinGame project, I'm afraid you have lost. Please try again!

Tier I
Tier IITier III


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This is awesome, nice documentation too!