Simple platformer where you can only see when you are not moving.

WASD or arrows to move, Space to jump.

Pitch was made using the Godot game engine, which is open source and freely available here:

Art and Audio kindly provided by these fine folks:

characters -
tiles -
music -
collectibles -
coin sfx -
key sfx -
jump sfx -

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AuthorCrayon House Games

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Cool idea, needs more levels.


Nice idea! I think that the "Hold to jump Higher" ability is a bit janky, though. It ends too suddenly when you let go of jump. Some other lights around the first few areas would also be nice.

Good job :D


This is really helpful feedback, I'll fix both those things. Thank you! :)


Pretty cool idea and nicely executed!

Thanks so much :)


Really cool game! Consider adding some sound effects.

Thanks very much! Yeah audio is on the list; I always leave it too late haha.


Ha! Cool idea and nicely done!

Thanks Ben! <3