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PolarWorld is a tiny game I made in C++/SDL2 over about two weekends. It was an exercise in starting with a simple idea for a game, and keeping it simple until completion.

The aim of the game is simply to survive as long as you can, and kill as many enemies as you can before you either get overwhelmed, or literally shoot yourself in the face. Gravity is strong on your little planet and what goes around, comes around!

I created all of the code and artwork for this game. All credit goes to Mark Sparling for the music. Check out more of his incredible work at https://soundcloud.com/sparling-soundworks.


polarWorld_itchio.zip 5 MB
polarWorld.zip 33 MB

Install instructions

Simply download the zip file, extract it anywhere, and run ex.exe inside. The executable should not be removed from the folder with the .dll files and the folders containing the images and sound files.


To run the game you'll need to download and extract the zip file. Then, change directory to wherever you extracted the contents (i.e., where the file called "polarWorld" is). Finally, run the following commands:



The game should then run!

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